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Australia's My Health Record Act to be Amended for Privacy Reasons

Australias My Health Record Act to be Amended for Privacy Reasons

The Australian Government is in the process of transforming its My Health Record initiative from an opt-in to an opt-out one. Initially, the Australian Digital Health Agency had given people until mid- October to opt out before an account would be automatically made for them, but heavy backlash has prompted the Federal Government to amend the My Health Record Legislation and introduce stricter and more detailed regulations regarding patient records.


Australians Given Three Months to Opt Out of Digital My Health Record

Australians Given Three Months to Opt Out of Digital My Health Record

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) has given Australians a three month period to opt out of having their health records go digital. The time window began 16 July and ends 15 October. It is reported that most Australians will have electronic access to their My Health Records towards the end of 2018 if they do not withdraw their participation.


7 Ways AI is Transforming Healthcare

AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing faster than ever before and is bringing new solutions to healthcare. This rising industry has created many opportunities for the betterment of medical treatments through the use of various technologies and equipment that can sense, understand, function and learn new things. These new capabilities allow AI to perform specialised medical and administrative tasks in the many divisions of healthcare. According to the World Health Organisation, by 2035, there will be a shortage of 12.9 million medical professionals internationally. AI can respond to the increasing demand by making up for some tasks where staff members are lacking. Listed below are seven ways in which healthcare is being reformed by AI:


5 Tips for Excellent Healthcare Customer Service

Excellent Healthcare Customer Service

While the core elements of excellent customer service are generally always the same, there are stark differences in the way it is managed within the healthcare industry and outside of it. Customers typically do not want to visit their medical practitioner or the hospital, but when they have no choice but to do so, their nerves can quickly be worked into a frenzy. Consequently, healthcare entities should go the extra mile in providing their patients with exceptional customer service. Below is a list of 5 tips that can enhance customer service strategies among healthcare entities:


Australian Medicare Data Breach Early July 2017

Australian Medicare Data Breach Hacking

Reports claim that Australia's Medicare system has been breached and people can now buy the medicare details of any Australian individual for about AU$30 on the Darknet. It is believed that the breach did not occur as a result of a cyber attack and that the information was likely accessed via a doctor's office or through another unknown vulnerability.


Silver Chain Chooses Giva Service Management Suite

Silver Chain Group

Giva's customers represent a wide range of service industries, healthcare being prominent among the list.   And as its main objective, Giva is delighted to equip our customers with the helpful tools necessary to support them in providing premier quality and service to their own valuable clients.

Giva is proud to include Silver Chain, one of the largest in-home health and care providers in Australia, as a valued customer, assisting them with their vast organizational and technical infrastructure. With over 120 years of caring for and serving Australians, Silver Chain provides a myriad of services designed to help their clients of all ages maintain independence resulting in the highest quality of life possible.


Cyber Attacks in Healthcare: How to Protect Healthcare Data

Healthcare EHR Data Security

Australians are experiencing a wave of attacks in a new sector: healthcare. Ever since the Australian Government Department of Health switched to the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record, newly renamed My Health Record, there has been an increase in cyber attacks looking to retrieve personal information from patients.