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Increase Your ROI by Using Agile Customer Service Software

Increase Your ROI by Using Agile Customer Service Software

In most businesses, customer service (CS) has long been considered a cost centre, or a department which provides no direct profit to organisations. This is due to the fact that while operational metrics are easy to calculate and are well defined, it is difficult to accurately calculate CS return on Investment (ROI). It factors in many abstract and intangible elements which change based on the organisation's nature.

However, a report on ROI of Customer Service and Customer Experience reveals that CS should not be classified as a cost centre because the proper use of the right software can increase a business's ROI. Agile CS software, such as Giva's eCustomerService can achieve this by:

  1. Increasing first contact resolution (FCR) to decrease contact centre costs
    This allows organisations to minimise their customer support expenses by lowering the number of follow-up calls, emails and messages.

  2. Improving employee productivity by empowering them to decrease their average handle time (AHT)
    Fast and agile CS software allows agents to seamlessly move through the necessary operations and reduce their AHT and support costs.

  3. Reducing agent related support by developing useful self-service options
    Well-integrated knowledge bases such as FAQs drive efficiency and help decrease incoming calls and accelerate ticket resolution.

  4. Minimising agent training
    The simplicity of software such as Giva's eCustomerService make on-boarding CS employees fast and easy and allows them to stay up to date with new changes and updates real-time.

    Not only does deploying Agile software improve efficiency, but it also makes generating a revenue possible. Empowering an organisation's staff through flexible and reliable CS software plays a key role in improving the business's FCR, AHT and other efficiency metrics. Additionally, it increases a customer's spending in an establishment, cements customer loyalty and makes expanding a customer base more feasible. Customer service is not only a way of making customers happy, rather it indirectly functions as a marketing scheme through word of mouth.

5 Tips for Excellent Healthcare Customer Service

Excellent Healthcare Customer Service

While the core elements of excellent customer service are generally the same, there are stark differences in the way it is managed within the healthcare industry and outside of it. Customers typically do not want to visit their medical practitioner or the hospital; but when they have no choice their nerves can quickly be worked into a frenzy. Consequently, healthcare entities should go the extra mile in providing their patients with exceptional customer service. Below is a list of 5 tips that can enhance customer service strategies among healthcare entities:

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6 Features of an Outstanding Help Desk

Best Help Desk Features

As a service provider, you use your help desk to assist end users with their problems. However, if the software you deploy lacks vital features, it will become quite difficult for you to keep your customers satisfied. Below is a list of components that will make your help desk software and systems outstanding:

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6 Key Benefits of a Knowledge Management System (KMS)

Benefits of Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) are information systems used by businesses to share, store, regulate and maintain organisational knowledge. They are used to assist employees in retrieving, understanding and implementing the stored information. Users can also input their own knowledge to enable colleagues in the organisation to benefit from it. This helps in building effective work teams and creating more productive and efficient organisations.

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Top 5 Issues Affecting Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Tips

Knowledge Management (KM) is an integral part of most successful businesses. It helps to create what might be called a "knowledge network" which users can leverage in their search for answers. It is used to assist organisations in maintaining an efficient system of information that is beneficial to employees. However, many organisations fail to recognise the importance of KM and do not prioritise it as an essential element of business maintenance. Consequently, not enough time is invested in assessing the issues that arise in KM databases.

Here are our top five issues that companies must address when building their KM systems:

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Addressing Amazon Web Services Privacy Concerns for Australia

Amazon Web Services Privacy Concerns

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a suite of cloud computing services that many organisations, ranging from governmental institutions to Fortune 500 companies, use to store and manage data. In 2012, Amazon established an AWS program in Australia, but people have raised privacy and security concerns over the use of AWS in Australia.

For Australian organisations contemplating using AWS, it is important to differentiate the responsibilities that the client assumes and those that Amazon agrees to assume.

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