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Australia's My Health Record Act to be Amended for Privacy Reasons

Australias My Health Record Act to be Amended for Privacy Reasons

The Australian Government is in the process of transforming its My Health Record initiative from an opt-in to an opt-out one. Initially, the Australian Digital Health Agency had given people until mid- October to opt out before an account would be automatically made for them, but heavy backlash has prompted the Federal Government to amend the My Health Record Legislation and introduce stricter and more detailed regulations regarding patient records.


Australians Given Three Months to Opt Out of Digital My Health Record

Australians Given Three Months to Opt Out of Digital My Health Record

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) has given Australians a three month period to opt out of having their health records go digital. The time window began 16 July and ends 15 October. It is reported that most Australians will have electronic access to their My Health Records towards the end of 2018 if they do not withdraw their participation.


4 Significant Benefits of Transitioning to the Cloud (Westpac Case Study)

Benefits of Transitioning to the Cloud

Cloud computing has reached every industry and educating people has made the idea of cloud storage more feasible in the minds of the general public. So much so, that even some of the most security critical industries have dared to venture into the cloud. This case study uses Westpac, a banking corporation, as an example to outline some of the benefits of a cloud transition. Over the coming years, the bank plans to move 70 percent of the its processes to a hybrid Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud environment, through the organisation's 'Agilus' initiative. The remaining 30 percent consisting of old applications do not require change and will therefore remain on-premises. Below is a list of some of the benefits that organisations and their customers may realise as a result of their transition to the cloud:


3 Things You Should Expect From Your IT Help Desk

Things to Expect in an IT Help Desk

There are certain things, typically mentioned in SLAs, that a customer should receive as integral components of their IT help desk purchase. But, while an SLA is a vital part of B2B transactions, not all vendors will act in accordance with it. What is worse is that in many cases the SLA itself fails to provide clear-cut and comprehensive details on the level of service a customer will receive. In both cases, the customer suffers the consequences. Here are three things that organisations should expect from their IT help desk vendors:


4 Signs it is Time to Invest in an IT Help Desk

Time to Invest in an IT Help Desk

Most companies start off small, using manual processes to complete tasks due to budget and resource restrictions. But as an organisation expands, there comes a time when this simply is not enough and automation becomes a strategic necessity. It is at this point that business leaders should invest in IT help desks. Below is a list of signs that it is time for your company to deploy an IT help desk:


7 Ways AI is Transforming Healthcare

AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing faster than ever before and is bringing new solutions to healthcare. This rising industry has created many opportunities for the betterment of medical treatments through the use of various technologies and equipment that can sense, understand, function and learn new things. These new capabilities allow AI to perform specialised medical and administrative tasks in the many divisions of healthcare. According to the World Health Organisation, by 2035, there will be a shortage of 12.9 million medical professionals internationally. AI can respond to the increasing demand by making up for some tasks where staff members are lacking. Listed below are seven ways in which healthcare is being reformed by AI:


4 Ways You Can Use Shadow IT to Your Advantage

Benefits of Shadow IT

Even though shadow IT (or rogue IT) has wreaked havoc on organisational order, it is an unavoidable trend that IT departments must get ahead of and use to their advantage. Listed below are several ways that leaders can utilise to make the most of the current situation:


Australia to Introduce Decryption Laws

Austalia Cybersecurity Secure Messaging Laws

By the end of 2017, the Australian federal government will propose new legislation that will force the hand of technology giants. These laws will oblige companies like Facebook and Apple to decrypt messages that are sent or received by suspected criminals, drug traffickers, pedophile rings and terrorists upon the request of law enforcement agencies. The government will also have the ability to monitor devices and networks.


6 Key Benefits of a Knowledge Management System (KMS)

Benefits of Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) are information systems used by businesses to share, store, regulate and maintain organisational knowledge. They are used to assist employees in retrieving, understanding and implementing the stored information. Users can also input their own knowledge to enable colleagues in the organisation to benefit from it. This helps in building effective work teams and creating more productive and efficient organisations.


Are Australian Youth Falling Behind in Tech?

Australia Youth Technology Education

In this digital age, young Australians need to be able to keep up with ever changing technological developments. The IT sector is in constant growth and demands that ore people join the tech industry. However, some factors have succeeded in making the youth fall behind. Although millennials today are heavily dependent on IT, the skills of most do not go beyond the use of social media for entertainment and search engines for educational research. In fact, while youth spend hours traveling through cyberspace, they are unaware of how this invaluable resource can be leveraged beyond the limitations of the superficial scope.



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