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Optus “Future Makers” Program for Social Change

Optus Future Makers

Optus, the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, recently launched their Future Makers program. Through the program, social enterprises and not for profits can now apply for $50,000 grants to help them kickstart their innovative ideas.


Enablr: Crowdfunding for Australian Not for Profit Organisations


Virtual crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have never been more popular. In 2014 alone, GoFundMe fundraisers brought in 6 million donors and 470 million dollars. Traditionally, these websites are associated with personal and business-related causes, such as medical procedures and entrepreneurial art projects. However, a new player has recently arrived on the online crowdfunding scene: the not for profit organisation.


Giva Salutes: Fitted for Work

Fitted for Work

At Giva we search for organisations, large and small, that are doing a great job of changing the world around them for the better; and we are pleased to salute them here!

Fitted for Work is an Australian not for profit organisation that helps women experiencing disadvantage to improve their job opportunities. The organisation provides a wide variety of free services, including interview training, a 12 month Staying Employed Program for recently employed women, and a personal outfitting service that connects clients to appropriate work attire. From recent immigrants to university graduates to those exiting prison, Fitted at Work offers a hand to women from all different backgrounds.


Giva Salutes: The Smith Family

The Smith Family

At Giva we like to recognise organisations, big and small, that are working to improve the world around them, and we are happy to salute them here!

The Smith Family is an independent not for profit charity in Australia that helps disadvantaged children and their families by creating educational opportunities for them. The charity was started during the Christmas season in 1922 when five men returning from a business trip visited an orphanage to give the children presents. When asked who they were, each of the men responded "Smith" to remain anonymous in their donations, and The Smith Family was created.


New App Connects Homeless with Services

Ask Izzy Homeless Services App

Homelessness is a significant social issue throughout Australia affecting thousands of adults and children every year. A 2015 Annual Report from Homelessness Australia revealed that almost 256,000 people were struggling to get by due to homelessness, and the need for these people to access services continues to grow. Resources dedicated to helping people who are homeless, such as shelters, food banks, and counseling, are necessary to getting these people the support they need.

Fortunately, the Australian government has recognised the need to connect homeless people with services in order to help them live better lives. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has recently spoken at the Salvation Army in Melbourne about the launch of a new mobile website, Ask Izzy, connecting people to over 350,000 different services all over Australia. The website is well-organised and easy to follow, letting people search through categories like housing, food, health, counseling, finances, and education to find services dedicated to their needs.


Innovative Business Models for Not for Profits Conference

2nd Annual Innovative Business Models for Not for Profits in Australia

The 2nd Annual Innovative Business Models for Not for Profits conference will take place at the Radisson Blu in Sydney 11th-13th May of this year. The event's host, Akolade, is known for organising various conferences, professional training programmes, interactive seminars, and large-scale summits that address issues such as the environment, oil and gas, mining, law and finance.


2016 National Volunteering Conference 6 April - 8 April

2016 National Volunteering Conference in Australia

Australia's National Volunteering Conference is one of the country's largest events focused on highlighting opportunities in the volunteering sector. Various not for profit leaders, volunteer managers and policy contributors will be attending the conference and participating in events related to volunteerism.


New App Helps Reduce Food Waste and Hunger in Australia


In 2014, businesses in the Sydney metropolitan area alone produced 190,000 tonnes of food waste. Yet according to Foodbank, 200 million Australians deal with hunger each year and more than 500,000 turn to food relief services each month. Despite the fact that businesses are producing food surpluses, people are going hungry.

Fortunately, there is a new app that is helping to bridge the gap between businesses with extra food and people facing hunger. Through the Yume app, Australian restaurants and cafes can choose to either donate their excess food to charity or sell it at 50% of its original price. Yume helps food reach the homeless community, as well as other individuals who may not be able to afford a full price meal.


Giva Salutes: The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Fred Hollows Foundation

Here at Giva we value organisations, big and small, that are working to change the world around them; and we are pleased to salute them here!

The Fred Hollows Foundation is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to ending avoidable blindness, or blindness that can be treated or prevented with access to affordable, quality healthcare. The organisation was created by its namesake, the late Fred Hollows, who worked as an ophthalmologist in Australia and dedicated his life to restoring eyesight for thousands of people in Australia and worldwide. By providing eye health services and blindness prevention programmes, the Foundation has continued Hollows' mission of changing the world for the better.


2016 Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne Australia

2016 Sustainable Living Festival

Every year the Sustainable Living Festival (SLF) in Victoria draws more than 150,000 visitors. As Australia's biggest sustainability festival, the three-week event draws in a diverse group of communities, organisations and individuals. Each day of the festival has a unique lineup of workshops, live performances and exhibits, among other things.



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