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Activity Based Working - An Improved Approach to Collaboration

Activity Based Workplace & Collaboration

If your company does not have the dynamic work environment you desire, consider a total restructuring of your work space. The technological boom has allowed for many new approaches to business, and one of these approaches calls for moving away from cubicles and working together in communal spaces. This methodology cultivates collaboration and productivity within your work space by creating a more social approach to "work." NEC Australia has invested into this approach, recently moving from their headquarters in Melbourne. The Melbourne headquarters was home to hundreds of cubicles and an individualistic work environment. Their new office is constructed with an emphasis on communal work spaces. They hope these spaces will nurture higher levels of collaboration and generate a more jubilant work environment.


3 Ways to Inspire Employee Enthusiasm for CSR Efforts in Your Business

CSR Events for Employees & The Workplace

Are you interested in incorporating social responsibility practises into your business? Becoming a socially responsible business may take serious work, but it can be an easier and more rewarding process if your employees are on board. One great way to inspire enthusiasm for corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts is to hold a company event related to the social causes or CSR practises in which your business is interested.

The following are three types of events you may wish to consider using to fire up your employees about social responsibility in the workplace:


CIO Summit Coming to Sydney, Melbourne

CIO Summit 2016

The CIO Summit is coming to two more locations following the recent successful event in Perth. This informational convention focuses on various business and IT trends, strategies, and issues geared towards CIO's, CTO's IT Directors, Sr. IT executives, IT managers and other senior business executives. Attendees will not only have the opportunity to learn from other peers through open dialogue, but will discover brand new insights and future projections from IT professionals. Here you can find the itinerary detailing the various discussions.


Cyber Attacks in Healthcare: How to Protect Healthcare Data

Healthcare EHR Data Security

Australians are experiencing a wave of attacks in a new sector: healthcare. Ever since the Australian Government Department of Health switched to the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record, newly renamed My Health Record, there has been an increase in cyber attacks looking to retrieve personal information from patients.


CSR Leadership with BHP Billiton


Business strategy has, in recent years, leaned towards corporate social responsibility (or CSR). This is not only because there are many benefits that a company can gain from it—such as attracting employees, cutting costs and building customer loyalty—but also because this type of approach can help pave the way for a more resilient society and habitable planet. Although it is true that CSR cannot solve all of the world's problems, by instilling an ethical corporate culture through good business practises, it can have a considerable impact on both society and business.

By focusing on short and long-term goals, numerous businesses have embarked in environment and/or community projects. But it has been BHP Billiton's staggering actions that have placed it among the leading CSR companies in Australia. Through partnerships with non-governmental organisations, collaborations with third-world companies to meet environmental challenges, and contributions to disaster-affected communities, BHP Billiton has strived for social responsibility.


CSR: Getting Started

Getting Started with CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

If you work at a business that has recently begun to focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), then first of all, congratulations! You are now part of an international movement toward creating better businesses and a healthier world. According to Wikipedia, CSR is "a company's sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates". Through CSR efforts, businesses like the Newmont Mining Corporation and the ABC have made major contributions to social issues, such as human rights and environmental sustainability.

Committing to CSR enables businesses to make a difference in the world community, but it can also open up a world of questions. First and foremost is the question of where to begin. There is no right or wrong way to start a CSR campaign, but here is a list of five suggestions to assist you:


Addressing Amazon Web Services Privacy Concerns for Australia

Amazon Web Services Privacy Concerns

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a suite of cloud computing services that many organisations, ranging from governmental institutions to Fortune 500 companies, use to store and manage data. In 2012, Amazon established an AWS program in Australia, but people have raised privacy and security concerns over the use of AWS in Australia.

For Australian organisations contemplating using AWS, it is important to differentiate the responsibilities that the client assumes and those that Amazon agrees to assume.


Consumer Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Business Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly important in the business world over the last ten years. Many companies already take CSR very seriously and new surveys published in 2015 reveal how consumers feel about corporations that make an effort to be socially responsible.



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