Facebook Takes Steps to Encourage Social Responsibility

In 2015, Facebook, the world's top online social networking service, increased endeavours to be socially responsible with the creation of their Facebook for Social Good and Fundraiser pages. The company hopes to encourage its users to be more engaged with social issues through these campaigns.

Facebook for Social Good

Facebook's Social Good Team is responsible for connecting users of the social networking website to important world issues, such as disaster relief efforts. The team's efforts following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal serve as an example of how Facebook is able to reach its users and make positive change at a time of hardship for many. Naomi Gleit, Vice President of Product Management at the Social Good Team, said over 700,000 people on the website expressed their support for the people of Nepal, cumulatively donating over $15 million to relief efforts. This money went towards the International Medical Corps to provide health care, training, supplies, and cash grants to families who lost everything in the natural disaster.

Fundraiser pages dedicated to specific nonprofits will also become more prevalent throughout the website in order to encourage users to support and donate to these organisations. Features of the pages would include nonprofits being able to share their stories with supporters, interact with the Facebook community, and motivate people to donate in order to increase their progress. The pages would make it easy for people to donate directly through Facebook and share these donations publicly to inspire their own friends to give back as well.

The Social Good Team and Fundraising pages will make it easier for people to learn about world issues and the organisations looking to solve them. By incorporating these changes, Facebook is leading the way for social networking services to be socially responsible and give to those in need.