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"The Giva Service Management Suite is a highly reliable solution which meets the demanding and high expectations of our customers."
Jim Kline
Director of Technology Group Operations
Patient Care Technology Systems
Business Results Achieved

PCTS chose the Giva Service Management Suite™ over BMC® Service Desk Express as the single, integrated, cloud solution to address its customer service, IT help desk, knowledge management, change management, and asset management requirements.


When compared with BMC® Service Desk Express by BMC Software, the Giva Service Management Suite provided PCTS with:


  • An ITIL-compliant help desk and customer service solution that helped PCTS deliver extraordinary service to mission-critical operating and emergency rooms nationwide

  • Multiple service desks for its internal IT help desk and customer service organizations
  • One-week deployment for a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Rapid ROI
  • Real-time reports and analytics to identify actions that reduce calls and increase customer satisfaction
  • Dramatic cost savings with the Giva On Demand Software™ option
  • Exceptional service and support
About Patient Care Technology Systems
Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS) is a leading developer of intelligent workflow automation solutions and services which enable health care providers to improve the efficiency and safety of clinical workflows.