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Vulnerability Management & Logging for Giva's Asia Pacific Data Centres

A security-first approach means that a regular assessment of application vulnerabilities is a key part of providing the highest levels of data security. Proper log management is utilized for anomaly detection and forensic analysis.

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Comprehensive Logging

  • Monthly third-party vulnerability and penetration scan
  • Security team reviews scan results
  • Remediation of all threats found
  • Partner with Trustwave for extended validation
  • Whitelists on IDS/IPS and Web Application Firewalls to ensure vulnerability scanners have enhanced view into infrastructure
  • Timely infrastructure patching to ensure all security updates are applied
  • Security research for proactive notification of potential threats
  • File Integrity Monitoring to detect changes to system files preventing back doors and root kits
  • Log offloading into external log servers to prevent attackers from "covering their tracks"
  • Enhanced retention of firewall, web app firewall, and event logs
  • Dual factor authentication with extended logging for remote users