Change Customer Support Systems in Just Days

Easily Configurable Without Programmers or Consultants

Setting up Giva for the first time can be completed in just a few days and if you're moving from a current system, often in just a few hours.

Categorise Your Customer Support Service Requests

Customer Support Application Natures of Request

The nature of request is a customisable category menu allowing unlimited categories and subcategories. It's easy to set up natures of request and service groups, which are work teams such as Applications, Help Desk and Network. Locations are typically office sites or other unique entities for slicing and dicing data in reports, metrics and KPIs. There are 4 default statuses that can be renamed and any additional statuses can be easily added.

Customer Support Software Severity Levels

Configure Service Level Agreements and Breach Notifications

Severity levels are urgency ratings given to each service request and typically based upon the number of customers impacted by the incident. As an option, Service Level Agreement Time-to-Respond and Time-to-Resolve goals can be associated to each Severity Level. Even if the SLAs are not announced to your customers, they will dramatically improve the quality of service provided to your customers. A severiy SLA can be tracked according to "clock" time or based on scheduled hours, and holidays are tracked since the SLA clock will not be ticking.

Giva's Customer Support Software REST API

Easily Synchronise Employee Databases

It is very easy to quickly import employees or customers into Giva with the Batch Import Wizard. An excel template can be downloaded and then imported when ever desired. Alternatively, with Giva's REST based API so you can automatically synchronise your internal databases of employees or customers, like Active Directory, with Giva so there's no manual effort. So, all of this information in Giva can kept update in real-time with no manual effort.

Service Desk Configurations and Settings

Personalised Customer Support System Workflow

Service Desk Application Settings allows you to configure the basic settings and configure many advanced business rules for creating and editing service requests to match your business processes. Customisation and configuration is all point and click with no programming required. For example, you can configure the customer satisfaction survey with selecting just a few options. The frequency of the survey can easily be set so customers are not overwhelmed with surveys. Email notifications can be sent to people and groups for any survey rating. This helps to quickly identify service problems at the time of the survey response instead of learning about them while viewing reports at a later date.

Quick Tickets Setup

Pre-configured Customer Support Service Requests

There are other optional configuration setting which includes very powerful work flow rules. Quick Tickets allow you to create parent/child templates that can be configured once and used over and over again. For, example, a new hire template can be quickly set up to automatically create all the necessary service requests for onboarding or termination. It's easy to customise all the correct settings with just a few steps. All the business rules set-up may be good for most of your customers, but it's very easy to add customers to an exception list.

Easy to Customise and Configure to Your Needs

Your help desk or customer service system has to be flexible and adapt to the way you run your organisation. Customisable applications are great, but if they are not easy to use and maintain, then they will cost a lot of time and money over the long run. With Giva, you can define business rules and customise the workflow based upon how your organisation works. Giva's built for small, medium and large organisations. For example, a five person department can be up and running on Giva in just hours or an organisation with a hundred IT or customer service people can start using Giva in just days.

Giva's Asia-Pacific Cloud Infrastructure

Asia Pacific Cloud Local Data
  • All cloud servers physically located in Sydney & Singapore with Amazon Web Services
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery to Singapore
  • All data stored only in Sydney & Singapore
  • No back-ups or copies of data stored in USA
  • High availability and responsiveness—cloud servers located close to customers in the Asia Pacific region
  • Customers can securely download data anytime
  • Increased security—data remains in the region

In today's era of concern about data security and privacy, Giva is committed to the Asia Pacific region by providing servers physically located in the Asia Pacific region, hosting our Cloud Help Desk and Customer Service Suite with data centres in Sydney, Australia and Singapore. This approach also provides redundancy and back-up to give our customers disaster recovery protection and even more peace of mind.

Giva's hosting architecture meets even the strictest compliance requirements for many large government, healthcare, financial, insurance and high-security-minded organisations that want to move to the cloud, but do not want their data in the USA. Now with Giva, customer data is stored in closer proximity to where it is being used, which not only helps maintain very high application responsiveness, but also increases data security in the cloud. Customers can securely access and download their data without any restriction at any time.


Security Certifications

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)
  • Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP)- Australia
  • Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) - Singapore
  • Service Organisation Controls 1 (SOC 1), Type II report
  • Service Organisation Controls 2 (SOC 2), Type II report
  • Service Organisation Controls 3 (SOC 3) report
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018
  • NIST 800-171


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