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"Selecting Giva was an excellent choice for Santé Health Systems. Compared with FrontRange HEAT, Giva is more intuitive, easier and faster to customize, more functional, and has outstanding reports and dashboards."
Juan Carlo Muro
IT Director
Santé Health Systems
Business Results Achieved

When compared with Front Range Solutions HEAT®, the Giva Service Management Suite resulted in a:


  • 80% increase in productivity by using Giva's dashboards and reports

  • 60% increase in meeting service level agreements
  • 50% increase in productivity by using Giva's integrated custom forms
  • 45% increase in the number of the calls logged due to Giva's intuitiveness and ease of use
  • 40% increase in productivity of IT personnel traveling between 16 sites
About Santé Health Systems
Santé Health Systems is a large healthcare management services organization providing IT and technical support across 16 geographically dispersed sites in California.