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How Australia Plans to Fortify Fintech Cyber Security

Australia Fintech & Cyber Security

Australia is seeking to fortify its own homegrown cyber security in fintech, an initiative led by the government as a means of becoming less dependent on overseas and foreign technology. Australia's already large financial services industry faces the threat of cyber attack, so Australian government is poised to enhance funding and prioritisation of Australian-based cyber security startups.


CIO Summit: Parmelia Hilton, Perth 16th May 2017

CIO Summit 2017, Perth, Australia

Chief Information Officers (CIOs), now play a more important role than ever in business as the digital future unfolds. The CIO Summits are described as Australia’s principal gathering of IT leaders. The next scheduled summit will be a full day event that will take place on the 16th of May, 2017, at the Parmelia Hilton in Perth.


CIOs Unite at the CIO Forum: The PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney 14-15 March, 2017

CIO Forum 2017

Chief Information Officers (CIO) now play a more important role than ever in business as the digital future unfolds. That is why this year's CIO Forum is delivered for and designed by Australia's most senior CIOs. It will take place from the 14th to the 15th of March, 2017, at the PARKROYAL Darling Harbour in Sydney.


The Australian Cyber Security Centre Conference Coming to Canberra, 14-16 March, 2017

Australian Cyber Security Centre Conference

Cyber security narrative has rapidly been thrust onto the world's technology stage over the past several months with the increase of hacking, ransomware, cyber sabotage, phishing and other predatory characters.

A very timely opportunity is coming soon to learn all about the current state of cyber security (CS), its trends, tools and much more at the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) conference to be held 14-16 March, 2017 in Canberra. Leading experts from Australia and around the globe will present prevalent information pertaining to threats, mitigations and advances in cyber security.


Australian Government Invests in Digital Future

Digital Technology Future in Australia

The digital age is here. Tech giants like Google and IBM are developing artificial intelligence. Every month it seems, the newest gadget is unveiled that will revolutionise the way we live our lives. All of this progress is changing the way that Australians work; and new apps and technology make the work a much smaller, more connected community.

Australia's plan to maintain competitiveness in the global economy, the National Innovation and Science Agenda, received a boost of $1.1 billion aimed at adoption and implementation of cloud computing among other technologies.


Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific Makes Transformations Happen, 7-9 November

Creative Innovations 2016

In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne got together in a garage and formed Apple Computer. In 2007, the company revolutionised the smartphone industry with the launch of the iPhone. Apple transformed from a niche player in the computing market to the world's largest information technology company. On the other hand, six years after the launch of the iPhone, the former industry leader Nokia had to sell its mobile phone operations to Microsoft.

Throughout history, different companies have come and gone as front runners of their industries. People are constantly innovating, and organisations must do the same. While rapid change is challenging, it also opens up opportunities for new growth and markets. Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific (Ci2016) teaches leaders how to take on the challenge of transforming their organisations, professions and lives to keep up with innovation. Over 40 world class Australian and international speakers, futurists, leaders, artists and thinkers will attend Ci2016.

Sessions will teach participants to expand their creativity, and artists in residence will challenge conventional mindsets. Audience interaction is emphasised in the conference, with plenty of opportunities for communication between presenters and audience members.

In Deep Conversation sessions facilitated by a moderator, participants can share their perspectives on important issues, challenges and opportunities with world class thought leaders. Through a series of Master Classes, participants can learn new strategies and gain inspiration from leading facilitators. There will also be a Gala Dinner featuring a debate on artificial intelligence, as well as speakers, entertainment and networking.

Creative Innovation Asia Pacific has proven its ability to transform thinking, spark creativity, and expand world view. Australian Event Awards named Creative Innovation 2015 Asia Pacific the Corporate Event of the Year. Disruption caused by new business models will likely be the greatest threat to organisations in the next five years, so understanding and being comfortable with change will become a competitive advantage.

Ci2016 will take place 7-9 November, 2016 at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Australia. Tickets for the conference can be purchased here. One day conference tickets start from $1,150. Single Deep Conversation tickets are $140 and Master Classes tickets are $250 each.

3 Points to Take Away from the Department of Resources and Energy Hacking

Data Protection from Hacking

In December 2015, New South Wales experienced a hacking attempt in the Department of Resources and Energy. While as of several months ago they had yet to confirm who conducted the attack, they had failed to confirm whether or not they were successfully hacked at all. This blatant lack of confidence has shaken many citizen's faith in their government and its perceived transparency. While lack of trust in the government is an issue, the possible hacking is a unique and pressing matter.


Activity Based Working - An Improved Approach to Collaboration

Activity Based Workplace & Collaboration

If your company does not have the dynamic work environment you desire, consider a total restructuring of your work space. The technological boom has allowed for many new approaches to business, and one of these approaches calls for moving away from cubicles and working together in communal spaces. This methodology cultivates collaboration and productivity within your work space by creating a more social approach to "work." NEC Australia has invested into this approach, recently moving from their headquarters in Melbourne. The Melbourne headquarters was home to hundreds of cubicles and an individualistic work environment. Their new office is constructed with an emphasis on communal work spaces. They hope these spaces will nurture higher levels of collaboration and generate a more jubilant work environment.


LinkedIn Hacking: Four Years Later

LinkedIn 2012 Hack

A major company fell victim to a hacking four years ago, yet is still suffering the repercussions. LinkedIn experienced a breach in 2012, but on 18 May, 2016 additional information was leaked online. The initial report in 2012 stated that the information of 6.5 million users had been breached, but the actual number is approximately 100 million users. This larger number was discovered only two months ago when the information was finally leaked online.


CIO Summit Coming to Sydney, Melbourne

CIO Summit 2016

The CIO Summit is coming to two more locations following the recent successful event in Perth. This informational convention focuses on various business and IT trends, strategies, and issues geared towards CIO's, CTO's IT Directors, Sr. IT executives, IT managers and other senior business executives. Attendees will not only have the opportunity to learn from other peers through open dialogue, but will discover brand new insights and future projections from IT professionals. Here you can find the itinerary detailing the various discussions.



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