Internet of Things Helps Sydney Go Green

The city of Sydney is deploying the Internet of Things (IoT) to become more green by way of a public access open data network. The network comes as a collaboration between the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and local startup Meshed.

Internet of Things (IoT) for Sydney to Go Green

The Sydney Community IoT Network aims to "democratise the internet of things" using best-of-breed open standards technology that is easily accessible to all. People are able to connect their devices to the network for free, enabling the city to quickly deploy several applications by anyone living, working or investing in Sydney.

Because it is open source, the model is easily scalable. The network's gateways can support thousands of devices each, allowing people to crowd source their sensors and apps, cultivating data from the masses.

Why is IoT beneficial for Sydney?

  • The IoT provides an open platform for data, which can be used to aid in lowering Sydney's carbon emissions
  • This platform is in direct support of Sydney's vision to be a leader in being green, global and connected
  • This is a platform that can be accessed by everyone from students to businesses to residents
  • This platform stimulates innovation in high tech products and services, encouraging people to improve upon the existing system in place

Why does IoT matter?

The Internet of Things was first introduced as a concept that would allow computers to connect, process data and learn from each other. A 'thing' in the Internet of Things is anything that can connect to the internet and be assigned an IP address. As we move toward the future, more and more devices are connecting to the internet, and are collecting data. By allowing connected devices to interact and pull from collected data, computers can theoretically learn to solve problems and, perhaps eventually prevent them from happening at all.

How can this be applied?

  • Smart Locale

    The Sydney Community IoT network is in line with Smart Locale's objectives. Smart Locale's mission is to accelerate the transformation of the local economy into an internationally recognised showcase of smart, safe and sustainable living by 2020. Sydney's IoT Network could collaborate to meet energy management requirements for sustainable living.

  • Smart Cities

    Further work on the Internet of Things could allow for the building of new applications, as well as the integration of existing apps to create a 'smart city'. Some possible applications of this technology include LED street lighting, smart parking and city asset tracking.

  • City Fitness Tracker

    IoT technology could allow for a network of smart sensors that monitors the overall health of the area, using several indicators such as air quality, temperature, noise and traffic congestion. All of these things are already being tracked in one way or another, and connecting them allows the Internet of Things to monitor and summarise the data, allowing people to interpret it, identify and solve related issues.

To read more about the possible applications of Sydney's IoT, click here.

Meshed founder Andrew Maggio believes that a network like this coupled with public crowdsourcing of new applications enables cities to embrace a new energy economy that can manage itself.

The innovative thinking of Meshed paired with UTS's open source public model are allowing the city of Sydney to transform the way that it solves problems, becoming more efficient and connected every day.