3 Ways to Inspire Employee Enthusiasm for CSR Efforts in Your Business

Are you interested in incorporating social responsibility practises into your business? Becoming a socially responsible business may take serious work, but it can be an easier and more rewarding process if your employees are on board. One great way to inspire enthusiasm for corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts is to hold a company event related to the social causes or CSR practises in which your business is interested.

The following are three types of events you may wish to consider using to fire up your employees about social responsibility in the workplace:

CSR Events for Employees & The Workplace

  1. Volunteer together

    Consider spending a half or full work day volunteering with your employees in the community. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to help out those in need, but it can also increase the sense of pride, responsibility and teamwork in the workplace community. Whether you prefer to provide pro bono company services or volunteer with an existing not for profit organisation, there are many great options for corporate volunteering.

    For example, creative businesses, such as advertising agencies and marketing firms, may enjoy volunteering their artistic services by holding a CreateAthon. Other businesses may wish to host a fundraising event for a not for profit, such as the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. If your employees work indoors for most of the day, they may be especially interested in volunteering outside in nature. Westgate Park in Melbourne often hosts corporate teams that help to maintain the park by planting trees, building paths, and creating garden beds.

    Volunteering Australia has some great tips for businesses interested in corporate volunteering.

  2. Hold an ongoing sustainability competition between your employees

    A little playful employee competition can go a long way toward achieving your CSR goals. If you are interested in making your workplace more environmentally friendly, you could design a monthly (or annual) sustainability competition. Employees could get points for engaging in sustainable activities, such as bringing in a reusable water bottle or riding their bike to work. At the end of the month, the employee with the most points could win a prize for their efforts.

    Creating a competition that rewards employees for their sustainable behaviors may inspire employees not only to live more eco-friendly lifestyles, but also to get more involved with company-wide CSR efforts.

    The following websites have sustainability tips, which may be helpful during the competition design process: EarthShare and Sustainable Business Toolkit.

  3. Invite your office to attend a local film screening on a social cause in which your business is interested

    Attending a fun company event like a film screening outside of the workplace can contribute to team bonding within the workplace, in addition to building enthusiasm for workplace CSR goals. Films can be a great source of information on a variety of social issues, which may inspire your employees to get involved. Finally, attending a local screening is a great opportunity for networking with other individuals, organisations, and companies similarly interested in social responsibility.