Silver Chain Chooses Giva Service Management Suite

Giva's customers represent a wide range of service industries, healthcare being prominent among the list.   And as its main objective, Giva is delighted to equip our customers with the helpful tools necessary to support them in providing premier quality and service to their own valuable clients.

Giva is proud to include Silver Chain, one of the largest in-home health and care providers in Australia, as a valued customer, assisting them with their vast organizational and technical infrastructure. With over 120 years of caring for and serving Australians, Silver Chain provides a myriad of services designed to help their clients of all ages maintain independence resulting in the highest quality of life possible.

Silver Chain Group

"Giva's Service Management Suite of products provides us the highly functional and customisable tools we desire to meet our own internal requirements in order to function smoothly and seamlessly. This, in turn, enables us to focus on our first love of caring for and meeting the needs of our own clients", said Vilko Poznovia, Group Manager, IT infrastructure for Silver Chain.

Enzo Casali, COO of Pacen Corp, Pty. Ltd., Giva's valued-added reseller in Australia, comments, "Giva's products fit like a glove over the requirements of Silver Chain's internal IT machine to keep it running smoothly. We are very pleased to be partnered with Giva in bringing state of the art support and solutions to our Australian customers".

"As Silver Chain's IT management requirements continue to change and evolve, Giva looks forward to being right there every step of the way providing the customized applications they need", said Ron Avignone, Giva Founder.