Enablr: Crowdfunding for Australian Not for Profit Organisations

Virtual crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have never been more popular. In 2014 alone, GoFundMe fundraisers brought in 6 million donors and 470 million dollars. Traditionally, these websites are associated with personal and business-related causes, such as medical procedures and entrepreneurial art projects. However, a new player has recently arrived on the online crowdfunding scene: the not for profit organisation.


Online crowdfunding is a one of a kind opportunity for not for profit organisations. The Internet offers a global audience and makes it easy for people to donate money instantly to organisations in distant locations. Crowdfunding platforms are especially beneficial to smaller not for profits, which may not have well-developed websites or the time and resources necessary to effectively promote their causes. The structure provided by a crowdfunding website can make a huge difference.

One crowdfunding website hoping to make a difference is Enablr, which helps Australian not for profit organisations raise money. Smaller organisations do not have to pay to use the website, though larger organisations are required to pay a small percentage of the money they raise back to Enablr as commission. Aside from providing not for profits with a global fundraising platform for their message, Enablr also offers monthly video content to help organisations establish a strong Internet presence. However, this additional video content comes with a fee.

To learn more about joining Enablr and fundraising for your not for profit, please go to their website where you may register and also find the contact information.