Giva CSR Spotlight: Canon Oceana Diversifies Sustainability Efforts

Canon Inc. is internationally known for its quality products; however, many may not be aware of the company's varied efforts to materialise its corporate philosophy through sustainable programmes and methods. Following the standards and guidelines of its parent company and upholding its corporate mission based on Kyosei, interpreted as "all people, harmoniously living and working together towards a common good", Canon Oceania has adhered to recycling programmes, such as TechCollect and the Australian Packaging Covenant. It has also published a yearly sustainability report showing the company's challenges, opportunities, and performance in the regions it operates; and lastly, it has engaged communities and organisations to protect the environment.

Canon Oceana & CSR

As part of these environmental initiatives set forth by Canon Oceania (comprised by Canon Australia and Canon New Zealand), every year the company offers grants amounting to $26,000 ($11,000 AUD and $15,000 NZD), to organisations that have made a significant impact on the environment and their community. The categories under which these grants are awarded are as follows:

Canon Australia

  • Community Grant: A community-led project aimed at the environment
  • School Grant: A primary or secondary school project directed towards the environment

Canon New Zealand

  • Regional Award: An environmental project aimed at a rural or regional area
  • Education Award: An environmental project led by a secondary or tertiary community
  • Community Award: A community-led environmental project

Recent proud recipients of Canon Australia's 2015 $5,000 environmental grants include the organisation Bush Heritage (VIC) for having developed an ambitious community project to restore the endangered Grassy Box Woodlands, as well as to protect and recover the native fish populations in the Murrumbidgee River. Also recognised was Junction Park State School (QLD) for its purposeful educational endeavour in promoting the importance of insects and pollination in our ecology to its students.

Henceforth, it is with these types of actions that Canon companies are setting their mark globally, not only as technology providers, but as instruments through which conscientious actions can take place for a more sustainable world.

For more information on how to apply for these grants, please visit Canon's Sustainability and Environment section of their website.