2016 Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne Australia

Every year the Sustainable Living Festival (SLF) in Victoria draws more than 150,000 visitors. As Australia's biggest sustainability festival, the three-week event draws in a diverse group of communities, organisations and individuals. Each day of the festival has a unique lineup of workshops, live performances and exhibits, among other things.

2016 Sustainable Living Festival

According to Dr. Moss Cass, Australia's first environment minister, the SLF is "a manifestation of a commitment to healing our environment, a demonstration of diverse approaches for reducing the damaging impact we are having on the planet". The festival is a breeding ground for inspiration and innovative ideas on how to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Founded in 1998 by a small group of environmentalists, the Sustainable Living Festival was created to provide a space for people to share their experiences with sustainable living. Over the years, the festival has taken place in Musk, Hanging Rock, the Alexandra Gardens, and most recently, Federation Square. With the location shifting to more urban areas, the SLF has adapted itself to fit a wider audience by incorporating more artistic and cultural events.

Now in its 17th year and currently running, the Sustainable Living Festival takes place from 6 -28 February in Federation Square. This year's festivities offer an exciting assortment of events. From learning how to garden in small spaces to watching an elderly hiphop dance crew perform to participating in Human Powered Moonlight Cinema (exercising on stationary bikes powers the generator) to swapping home grown produce, everyone who attends is sure to find something that interests them. Need another reason to go to the festival? Many of the events are absolutely free!