Online Guide Launched for Indigenous Organisations

Not for profit AskRIGHT has recently launched a series of free online guides that lists funders of indigenous causes in Australia. The resource lists both Australian and international companies and foundations that publicly support indigenous causes and their fundraising efforts.


The guides, which may be downloaded and printed at no charge, are a response to the difficulties small indigenous organisations face in terms of fundraising and establishing themselves. They include information on organisations with a history of supporting indigenous causes and also those which have voiced an interest in funding these causes.

According to Dr. Daniel McDiarmid, AskRIGHT Principal Consultant and Director, the guide is meant to "close the gap" between indigenous groups and those looking to help them.

"We now see funders supporting more than one indigenous organisation with multi-year funding arrangements focused on medium to long-term goals", McDiarmid said.

AskRIGHT's information guide seeks to help first Australians by linking them to financial resources for support. The not for profit has displayed its commitment to helping Australia's communities through its indigenous populations.