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CIO Summit Coming to Sydney, Melbourne

CIO Summit 2016

The CIO Summit is coming to two more locations following the recent successful event in Perth. This informational convention focuses on various business and IT trends, strategies, and issues geared towards CIO's, CTO's IT Directors, Sr. IT executives, IT managers and other senior business executives. Attendees will not only have the opportunity to learn from other peers through open dialogue, but will discover brand new insights and future projections from IT professionals. Here you can find the itinerary detailing the various discussions.


Silver Chain Chooses Giva Service Management Suite

Silver Chain Group

Giva's customers represent a wide range of service industries, healthcare being prominent among the list.   And as its main objective, Giva is delighted to equip our customers with the helpful tools necessary to support them in providing premier quality and service to their own valuable clients.

Giva is proud to include Silver Chain, one of the largest in-home health and care providers in Australia, as a valued customer, assisting them with their vast organizational and technical infrastructure. With over 120 years of caring for and serving Australians, Silver Chain provides a myriad of services designed to help their clients of all ages maintain independence resulting in the highest quality of life possible.


Orange Sky Laundry: Providing Free Laundry Service to the Homeless

Orange Sky Laundry

When people are experiencing homelessness, it becomes more difficult for them to access a variety of basic resources. Some of these resources, such as water, food and shelter, are necessary to sustaining life. Other resources, while not necessarily life-sustaining, can play an important role in making people feel like their lives are satisfying, dignified, and worth living.

Orange Sky Laundry, Australia's first mobile laundry service for the homeless, is working to provide this latter type of resource.


FUTUREgen16 Conference Encourages Youth to Create Their Future

FUTUREgen16 Conference

On 2nd and 3rd August 2016, Thinq Group will hold FUTUREgen16, a conference to empower youth through employment, education and entrepreneurship programs. The name of the conference speaks to the conference's theme of "Creating a Future that Works for Young People".


Optus “Future Makers” Program for Social Change

Optus Future Makers

Optus, the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, recently launched their Future Makers program. Through the program, social enterprises and not for profits can now apply for $50,000 grants to help them kickstart their innovative ideas.


Enablr: Crowdfunding for Australian Not for Profit Organisations


Virtual crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have never been more popular. In 2014 alone, GoFundMe fundraisers brought in 6 million donors and 470 million dollars. Traditionally, these websites are associated with personal and business-related causes, such as medical procedures and entrepreneurial art projects. However, a new player has recently arrived on the online crowdfunding scene: the not for profit organisation.


Giva Salutes: Fitted for Work

Fitted for Work

At Giva we search for organisations, large and small, that are doing a great job of changing the world around them for the better; and we are pleased to salute them here!

Fitted for Work is an Australian not for profit organisation that helps women experiencing disadvantage to improve their job opportunities. The organisation provides a wide variety of free services, including interview training, a 12 month Staying Employed Program for recently employed women, and a personal outfitting service that connects clients to appropriate work attire. From recent immigrants to university graduates to those exiting prison, Fitted at Work offers a hand to women from all different backgrounds.


Cyber Attacks in Healthcare: How to Protect Healthcare Data

Healthcare EHR Data Security

Australians are experiencing a wave of attacks in a new sector: healthcare. Ever since the Australian Government Department of Health switched to the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record, newly renamed My Health Record, there has been an increase in cyber attacks looking to retrieve personal information from patients.


CSR Leadership with BHP Billiton


Business strategy has, in recent years, leaned towards corporate social responsibility (or CSR). This is not only because there are many benefits that a company can gain from it—such as attracting employees, cutting costs and building customer loyalty—but also because this type of approach can help pave the way for a more resilient society and habitable planet. Although it is true that CSR cannot solve all of the world's problems, by instilling an ethical corporate culture through good business practises, it can have a considerable impact on both society and business.

By focusing on short and long-term goals, numerous businesses have embarked in environment and/or community projects. But it has been BHP Billiton's staggering actions that have placed it among the leading CSR companies in Australia. Through partnerships with non-governmental organisations, collaborations with third-world companies to meet environmental challenges, and contributions to disaster-affected communities, BHP Billiton has strived for social responsibility.


Giva Salutes: The Smith Family

The Smith Family

At Giva we like to recognise organisations, big and small, that are working to improve the world around them, and we are happy to salute them here!

The Smith Family is an independent not for profit charity in Australia that helps disadvantaged children and their families by creating educational opportunities for them. The charity was started during the Christmas season in 1922 when five men returning from a business trip visited an orphanage to give the children presents. When asked who they were, each of the men responded "Smith" to remain anonymous in their donations, and The Smith Family was created.



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Client Success

  • 50% reduction in time to deploy Giva's change, incident, problem, asset management and knowledgebase modules
  • 60% reduction in the 5 year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Saved at least 1 FTE due to lower ongoing administration
  • Saved 1 week per month due to easy to use reports
  • Increased to 90% achievement in meeting service level agreements
  • 70% reduction in generating reports and admin; eliminated 35 hours/month
  • 50% faster to create/assign a service request
  • 60% increase in information captured during the initial phone call
  • 50% increase in the number of service requests created due to intuitive design
  • 80% increase in productivity by using Giva's dashboards and reports
  • 60% increase in meeting service level agreements
  • 45% increase in the number of the calls logged due to Giva's intuitiveness and ease of use
  • 50% increase in productivity by using Giva's integrated custom forms