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6 Key Benefits of a Knowledge Management System (KMS)

Benefits of Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) are information systems used by businesses to share, store, regulate and maintain organisational knowledge. They are used to assist employees in retrieving, understanding and implementing the stored information. Users can also input their own knowledge to enable colleagues in the organisation to benefit from it. This helps in building effective work teams and creating more productive and efficient organisations.


Are Australian Youth Falling Behind in Tech?

Australia Youth Technology Education

In this digital age, young Australians need to be able to keep up with ever changing technological developments. The IT sector is in constant growth and demands that ore people join the tech industry. However, some factors have succeeded in making the youth fall behind. Although millennials today are heavily dependent on IT, the skills of most do not go beyond the use of social media for entertainment and search engines for educational research. In fact, while youth spend hours traveling through cyberspace, they are unaware of how this invaluable resource can be leveraged beyond the limitations of the superficial scope.


Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017: 30 Oct-2 Nov, Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 Gold Coast, Australia

This event at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre will bring together CIOs and Leading IT executives from all over the world to gain valuable insight on recent updates and trends in technology and business. It aims at assisting executives in developing strong leadership skills, building efficient organisations, reforming the essence of technology and improving organisational performance in a digital world.


Top 5 Issues Affecting Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Tips

Knowledge management (KM) is an integral part of most successful businesses. It helps to create what might be called a "knowledge network" which users can leverage in their search for answers. It is used to assist organisations in maintaining an efficient system of information that is beneficial to employees. However, many organisations fail to recognise the importance of KM and do not prioritise it as an essential element of business maintenance. Consequently, not enough time is invested in assessing the issues that arise in KM databases.

Here are our top five issues that companies must address when building their KM systems:


Australian Medicare Data Breach Early July 2017

Australian Medicare Data Breach Hacking

Reports claim that Australia's Medicare system has been breached and people can now buy the medicare details of any Australian individual for about AU$30 on the Darknet. It is believed that the breach did not occur as a result of a cyber attack and that the information was likely accessed via a doctor's office or through another unknown vulnerability.


Victoria Camera System Infected by WannaCry

WannaCry Ransomware Cybercrime

It seems many people have come to believe that the effect of the WannaCry ransomware attack is over and that they have emerged unscathed. But victims letting their guard down was the very reason why the first version of the breach spread quickly, and some apparently have not learned from others' mistakes. Not long after the commotion following the outbreak died down, one of Honda's production plants was infected by it and was forced to close its doors for a day. But it was not the only major company to come under attack recently.


Giva Salutes: 2017 CEO Sleepout for Homeless Services

Australia's St. Vincent de Paul's CEO Sleepout

At Giva we search for organisations, large and small, that are doing a great job of changing the world around them for the better; and we are pleased to salute them here!

St Vincent de Paul Society was founded over 170 years ago by a young man named Frederic Ozanam. Today, the St Vincent de Paul Society of Australia continues to fight social injustice in Australia with the help of over 40,000 volunteers and members. The mission of St Vincent de Paul Society is to give a "hand up" to people who are affected by social justice issues such as homelessness, poverty and oppression.


How Australia Plans to Fortify Fintech Cyber Security

Australia Fintech & Cyber Security

Australia is seeking to fortify its own homegrown cyber security in fintech, an initiative led by the government as a means of becoming less dependent on overseas and foreign technology. Australia's already large financial services industry faces the threat of cyber attack, so Australian government is poised to enhance funding and prioritisation of Australian-based cyber security startups.


Australia and Indonesia Partner to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Australia & Indonesia Cybersecurity

Issues regarding cybersecurity can not be handled alone. In early February, Australia and Indonesia agreed to team up in their fight against online terrorism and transnational crimes, while meeting in Jakarta.


Why Australia Needs Hackers

Ethical Hacking in Australia's Government

Consumers now live in a world where nearly all information is stored digitally. Because of this, cyber security is a real cause for concern. Being hacked is truly a nightmare situation, and many consumers and firms are taking measures to protect themselves. The Australian government has come to the conclusion that to protect its citizens against hackers, it needs them.



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  • Increased to 90% achievement in meeting service level agreements
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  • 50% faster to create/assign a service request
  • 60% increase in information captured during the initial phone call
  • 50% increase in the number of service requests created due to intuitive design
  • 80% increase in productivity by using Giva's dashboards and reports
  • 60% increase in meeting service level agreements
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  • 50% increase in productivity by using Giva's integrated custom forms